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Section 2 below is merely supporting information which may or may not prove useful. Remember though, I am not a lawyer. For those who do not have iPhones, try Amazon. At the end of the day, the situation for foreign motorists who commit driving offences in Italy has not changed. The text of the case which is available in English and other European languages, can be seen here:. Judgment of the Court Sixth Chamber of 19 March Commission of the European Communities v Italian Republic. Failure by a Member State to fulfil its obligations — Article 6 of the EC Treaty now, after amendment, Article 12 EC — Difference in treatment of persons contravening the highway code according to the place of registration of their vehicle — Proportionality.

In essence, it does look as though the fines European Union citizens have been receiving are, and always have been invalid. If this does not get the Italian authorities off your back — then speak to a lawyer class actions are possible in Italy now -and I know a good firm of lawyers too!

And here is a comment from reader Pablo, dated 7 March , which other people may find interesting:. Judgement shall be pronounced publicly but the press and public may be excluded from all or part of the trial in the interest of morals, public order or national security in a democratic society, where the interests of juveniles or the protection of the private life of the parties so require, or to the extent strictly necessary in the opinion of the court in special circumstances where publicity would prejudice the interests of justice.

You must be told promptly of an accusation — presumably so you can recall the circumstances of the incident and collect any evidence you need while memories are still fresh. If the UK can do it, so could Italy — if it wanted to. You can form your own opinion of why Italian authorities delay sending a penalty notice for a year or more.

Although that case concerned disparity in the treatment of drivers depending on where their cars were registered, it reinforced the principle in ECHR Pt. You can insist on being told of the accusation in your own language, despite what Italian authorities might prefer.

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If it contains any factual errors name, time, date, location, car Reg. The longer you spin out the arguments the more they would be likely to abandon the fine or run out of time. If they complain send them a copy of Article 6 — in English — with the relevant text highlighted to be ultra-helpful you could also send the Italian version if you can find it. Another thing: in earlier posts Alex and the Bella-Toscana link suggested that Italian law assumes you are guilty until proved innocent. That too is incompatible with the ECHR, under which — as in most western-style democracies — the accused is presumed innocent until proved guilty.

Thus an authority has no right to collect a penalty unless the accusation has been proved.

UPDATE: December 2013

Just saying you were seen in such a place at such a time does not prove you were. You could make their life more difficult by asking for proof — in your own language — that the recording equipment has been properly maintained, calibrated and tested, as we can in the UK for camera-related allegations.

You can probably think of a string of other things to slow up the process which you can keep trotting out, one after the other, until they get bored. The bottom line is, they must prove their case if asked. Therefore I believe the above applies to all nationalities driving in Italy, not only EU citizens.

Italian cities probably issue several million of these fines every year the Bella-Toscana article said , in Florence alone in For those concerned at the legality of the above strategies, I must stress that none of them contravene any valid regulations or laws. On the contrary, they rely on applying the appropriate laws, though not necessarily those the Italian authorities would like. These arguments are equally valid if your own national traffic authority tries to collect under some sort of reciprocity agreement.

John Folkard, one of the many who have been caught out by the restricted traffic zone in Piza, posted something about the problem on the travel tips message boards of the UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph. Check out my updates to this post, but please do try to read everything and the comments, yes, I know there are lots of them :. A son of one of the victims, Al not Alex Roe who knows Italian, French and English, supplied me with some very interesting information on the subject of time limits.

Not five months later when the police finally decided to inquire. On the contrary the time limit of days for Italian citizens subjected to the whims of their administration could……………. There can be no doubt any more that day time limit for residents abroad runs from the date of the offence, not later. In the event of rented vehicles, the days start as from the date of identification of the holder of the rental agreement at the time of the violation, or from the date of receipt of the personal data sent by the car rental company. The FAQ section of the EMO web site is in ten languages, but there are many mistakes, not only with spelling and grammatical mistakes, but also with fact.

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Secondo quanto ricostruito, molte delle multe notificate ai cittadini sarebbero avvenute oltre i giorni necessari. This, in Al and the Italian Aduc consumers association, appears to be wrong. To cut a long story short, foreign drivers who have received fine notifications beyond the period can write and request that the fine, or fines, be annulled. With great thanks to Al for all his research into this matter. Shortly, I will publish a letter which people can use to request that these pesky fines are officially torn up.

My wife and I went to Italy for a 3-week honeymoon last summer, we have now received 4 traffic violation notices from Europcar, 1 in Rome, 1 in Florence, and 2 in Parma. Talk about corruption. I would really appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this one. I was on holiday in Aosta in July with my disabled child. She is a full time wheelchair user and has a blue badge which is valid around the EU.

Another family with a disabled child told us we could freely use the ZTL area, which is also marked with signs bearing the wheelchair symbol, so displaying our badge we did just that for an entire week. We probably drove in and out of the ZTL 20 times over the course of the week. Is there anything more I can do? They had only two direct debit cards. Ranierino , about 3 hours apart probably one when i got it and one when I got out.

My questions: 1. Do I have any chance asking them to cancel at least one of them because I really had no idea what ZTL is at the time, and I got two tickets for the exact same offence at the exact same place. Should I wait for a registered mail?

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I tried to find out how to pay a ticket E. What should I do now? Hertz says that they have nothing to do with it now. Did you receive the actual ticket or just the email notification from Hertz? If just the email, then the ticket will follow in the mail shortly. What you think wow much will cost to pay this fine? Since then — nothing, not a letter, an e-mail or an actual traffic ticket to my home address. The Avis branch in Rome replied to my email that they only know that I recieved a traffic fine and nothing else, and charged me with 43 euros to give the police my details.

I dont know where my fine is and Im afraid that they sent it to a different address or increased the amount.

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How can I contact the authorities to finally recieve my fine and pay it?? I want to pay! Thanks for your very informative page on traffic fines. It appears to have been incurred the day of our departure 6th Sep 16 , after we handed our permit back to the hotel. This was allowed under our contract with them.

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The date of ascertainment 4th October 16 on the notice appears to be incorrect as it was recorded by camera. Anyway, this means that the notification was sent days after the infraction. Craig, Cardiff, Wales, UK. I can add from my experience that debt collectors in the UK can be told to go away and have no rights to enforce their claim whilst the matter is under dispute. The dispute is only resolved once a Court Order is issued. Thanks for this Craig. Good luck with the appeal which seems justified, although jobsworth types may argue that your permit had expired before you left the centre, hence the fine.

Please do pop back and let us know how you get on. While on holiday in Florence 4th August , I turned left on a red light, completely unintentionally, but non the less received a fine. The date on the fine notification letter is 30 May , but I received the fine notification yesterday 03 August , three months from the date on the letter and almost a year to the day of the infraction. Have you tried calling anyone and explaining the situation to them? Just read through your article and comments. Or could you email me a copy of that letter please?

Thank you! Date of infraction Date of ascertainment Date of receipt of fine Went to Italy from Canada with my wife for our honeymoon in March They took that off the card pretty quickly after we got the letter. Fast forward to today June 26th, we got a registered mail letter I had to sign for it from Grosseto dated May 17 saying that I was doing 83 kph on a 70 kph zone.

My question is, where would I write the details of my incident number, etc since all a wire payment does is simply put my money in their account without them necessarily knowing it came from me? I just got one of these tickets from Comune di Firenze and I think I will get others. How did you deal with these ZTL fines?

We had no idea these ZTL existed, no one mentioned anything about it rent a car, hotels, tourist information points. What a bad example! Thanks for the help! I have just received a Parking fine and another unusual fine which states I entered a toll without paying even though all the tolls had barriers.