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Jun 25, Linda rated it liked it. So far, my favorite bit has to do with "Gordon", a made-up Terrible leader.

Why do so many incompetent men become leaders? - Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic - TEDxUniversityofNevada

He keeps emails as short as possible for efficiency not communication , increases uncertainty with vaguely negative feedback on jobs done, "generating a sense of mystery on the desired level of performance". He asks passing minions to get his coffee, in order to boost prestige.

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He moves around meetings arbitrarily, just to underline that he's in charge. The Age of Positivism is past! Lori rated it really liked it Mar 30, Dominik Rockenschaub rated it liked it Apr 26, Nedja Santos rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Elaine T rated it it was amazing May 06, Teh Chin rated it really liked it Jul 18, Al rated it really liked it Sep 25, Diana Cedrica rated it it was ok Dec 14, Sebastian Warnez rated it really liked it Sep 16, Adrian Chua rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Very amusing take on leadership, which is usually a pretty dry topic to read about.

Luiz Claudio Duarte added it Jul 04, Joakim Saettem is currently reading it Jul 30, Kendra marked it as to-read Jan 08, Ramya marked it as to-read Mar 19, Azizi Othman added it Jan 19, We all have examples of bosses who were difficult.

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Thankfully, I have been fortunate during my career to have worked with many more great leaders than terrible ones, but when a leader is terrible it can be truly horrendous. The Terrible Leader is a guide to the great as well as the ghastly. We can drift into it, sometimes without even knowing. The Terrible Leader is not always in earnest, and pokes fun at a lot of modern writing on leadership and management. If you want a book to make you think about the importance of leadership - and the impact of bad leadership - then this is an extremely readable book.

The leader of the emergency medicine profession has issued a fresh warning about its doctors cutting their hours due to new pension tax rules as demand surges through winter. Hundreds of junior doctors are being pursued by NHS trusts for unpaid pension contributions linked to their backdated pay award, HSJ has learned. Company number Registered in England and Wales.

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10 Signs You're A Terrible Leader

Ivan was definitely smart and despite his cruelty, his reign is known as one of the greatest rules in Russian history. At the age of seven, tragedy struck again when nobles of his court poisoned his mother. By his early teens, he was already displaying some of his uglier traits.

He would throw live animals from towers and appeared to derive pleasure from doing so. Three weeks later he married, having chosen his bride in a national virgin competition. Virgins over the age of twelve were brought to the Kremlin to be paraded before him. He chose Anastasia, the daughter of a minor noble, and their marriage proved to be a very close one. Ivan had huge ambitions for his new Imperial dynasty. His wife Anastasia helped to hold his cruelty back but in she died.

He accused his nobles of poisoning her, and became even more mentally unstable.

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Recent studies have shown that there was over ten times the normal amount of mercury in her hair showing that she was murdered. Ivan sentenced thousands to internal exile in far off parts of the empire.

7 Reasons Your Team Thinks You're a Terrible Leader

Others were condemned to death their families and servants often killed as well. Ivan would give detailed orders about the executions, using biblically inspired tortures to reconstruct the sufferings of hell. In a fit of rage, Ivan struck his son and heir dead with his staff.

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In the hope of finding ultimate forgiveness. He forced Russia into Europe.